Learning and Development

Through Bridging GAPS training programs, companies are discovering new and effective ways to inspire the development of leadership skills in individuals at all levels of their organizations. Whether it is leadership training activities for future leaders, or leadership coaching , employee engagement training programs have proven to be an effective and, for many companies, critical component of their long term strategy for growth and sustainability.

  • Corporate training is no longer just a classroom activity. We have seen time and again the difference between simply learning something from a whiteboard or slide show, versus actually experiencing a decision making situation in a simulated environment. For these types of learning experiences – which describes our main approach to course development and delivery – personal development comes from actually experiencing a business situation and making a decision that will have future consequences.
  • In this way, Bridging GAPS aims to offer something more than just a team leadership course, but instead, our employee engagement training programs offer a holistic simulation in a controlled environment, giving your staff or executive team the chance to feel the difference that true leadership can bring. Rather than simply giving a lecture about leadership, we aim to help them experience it, and to learn from this experience. As quoted by John Keats, “Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.”

Our philosophy in people management emphasizes leadership development through intensive engagement. Effective leadership is critical to your organizational performance, and nothing improves this non-quantifiable metric better than a comprehensive employee development program which is targeted specifically for your company and its business challenges, designed for the individual employees and executives who are (or in the future will be) in leadership positions. For this reason, part of our process in developing training programs is to evaluate your current business situation and the capabilities of your team. All business situations are different; therefore our training programs are also uniquely customized to your business goals and objectives.

Our Services


Content Development

New tools, technologies, and approaches to blended learning create an ever-changing landscape for development and delivery of learning programs. Our content development research addresses the entire process of development, including performance consulting, needs analysis, program design, e-learning design, measurement strategies. We also cover topics such as rapid e-learning, simulations, coaching, performance support, and learning on demand.

Informal Learning

More than 80% of corporate learning occurs through informal approaches which include coaching, mentoring, communities of practice, use of expert directories, and social networking. Today’s high-impact learning programs “formalize” informal learning into their design, and our research focuses on best practices in this important area.

Learning Culture

Organizations with strong learning cultures are 17% more likely than their peers to be market share leaders. They continuously develop the skills needed to succeed in the market. Our research-based resources include methods, tools and benchmarks to assess culture and create a roadmap for improvement.

Learning Measurement

A learning measurement strategy is essential for aligning and improving the business effectiveness of training investments. Our research in learning measurement is based on a business-focused approach to measuring learning programs and includes our unique Learning Measurement Framework.

Learning Programs

Companies with strong and agile learning cultures are nearly 60% more likely to be first to market and nearly 20% more likely to be the market share leader. The learning programs that drive this culture demand a high level of expertise in performance consulting, blended learning design, delivery, technology integration, and measurement. Our research covers specific examples spanning learning programs, such as: management and leadership training, systems and IT training, professional education programs, channel and partner learning, professional skills development, and performance support solutions.

Organization & Governance

In organization & governance – the foundation for learning success – we explore all aspects of learning organizations and the different ways they can be governed. Our research compares the strengths and weaknesses of different organizational models and examines best practices for shared services, budgeting, measurement, and other related areas.

Performance Consulting

High-Impact Learning Organizations (HLOs) grow their profits three times faster than their peers. Excellence in performance consulting is one of the top capabilities distinguishing HILOs. We cover high-impact practices for building performance consulting capability, and models, benchmarks and examples for engaging stakeholders, identifying gaps and designing programs.