E – Learning

Whether you are new to e-learning or a veteran of the field, you know this powerful delivery modality has the potential to transform your organization. And yet, it offers a veritable and sometimes daunting maze of choices — from avatars to authoring tools. At Bridging GAPS , we live and breathe e-learning, and we partner with you from start to finish. We gain an understanding of your business drivers, your technology environment, and your audience. We identify what your learners need to know or do at the end of the day, and we craft solutions that fit your budget and meet your deadline. Then we get to work. If you need innovative and effective online learning, look no further. We are masters of design and development. As our clients — your peers — will attest, we deliver e-learning that exceeds what you envision and gets your learners excited for more.
Bridging GAPS’s e learning capability ensures sophisticated e’learning at affordable prices for its clients
We use cutting edge Instructional Technology to develop engaging and interactive elearning programs that provide the right people with the right knowledge, at the right time. These programs empower learners to complete the training at their own pace, without the need for an instructor to facilitate a class.
Studies have shown that elearning often lowers training time by 50% or more, reducing training costs while also boosting productivity. eLearning is also fully scalable so it can reach hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of users quickly, easily and without any geographic limitations. We have served organizations of all sizes and consistently exceed their expectations.
M Learning

What is “mobile” and what is “m-learning”?

Seemingly simple words take on so many meanings. But here at Bridging GAPS , we have a way of simplifying ambiguous technology terms. In our world, “mobile” means tablet or smartphone, and “m-learning” means using these devices to deliver training and performance support to your audience. We help you identify the right platforms, and then design, build, and test your solution so it works precisely where and how you need it to work. Want to create new m-learning? Or, perhaps you have materials that you want to convert to m-learning? No problem. We can help you make the right call.


Benefits of e-learning/ m-learning

  • Provide 24X7 flexi-time training to your users, who may be geographically dispersed
  • Enables you to put in place consistent learning standards
  • Have the LMS prescribe individualized trainings for your users based on their needs and get the most out of your investment
  • Simplify administration and monitoring of training program
  • Provide immediate access to new employees for training and have “zero lag time”
  • Integration with other enterprise applications ensures there is no redundancy of data
  • Measure the effectiveness of training initiatives and align it to organizational goals
  • No training-related travel means employees have more “productive time” on their hands
  • Ability to limit and control access to the courses ensures that security is never compromised
  • Conformance to leading e-learning standards, such as SCORM and QTI allows you to plug content from any third-party vendor
Choosing a vendor-partner is not a casual decision.
It is critical to your success.
We’d be honored if you considered Bridging GAPS . We understand the work you do: a moving landscape of resources, needs, and technology.
It’s not good enough for your vendor-partner to have some, or even most, capabilities. You need a partner who will understand your business, can analyze any given situation, and develop instructionally effective solutions to achieve the desired objectives. You need a partner who knows how to orchestrate large and complex projects smoothly, possesses extraordinary creative design and multimedia skills, and has a deep understanding of technology. Also, importantly, one who cares.
We believe we are that vendor-partner, and we are ready to demonstrate in action what we say here in words.