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Finance and Accounting operations costing too much? Here’s how to change it.

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Finance and accounts department always has to be efficient as it is a core functions at the heart of the company. Businesses these days believe in running lean. So how can the finance department meet these competing demands and still run at lower cost? Some tips to run at peak efficiency and saving cost.

1. Automate

Reducing manual labour as much as possible could be a way to reduce the cost. Junior level employees often have bright ideas that can save the department much time and effort and they also are quite tech savvy. Encouraging them to develop software tools and find ways to speed up the existing processes will help the company save time as well.

2. Outsourcing

Outsourcing certain non-core functions to specialists of Finance and Accounting outsourcing services provider has its benefits. It improves the productivity of the internal team and also ensures the quality of output. The output is accurate and helpful at a much lower cost.

3. Batch processing

We do not have to process every single invoice and receipt that comes one at a time. Creating a system where they can all be gathered and consolidated, and processed in one go will save time, effort and money.

4. Technology

One should invest in technology that is easy understandable by the accounting team. This is because not all the accountants are technical geniuses or tech savvy people. Handing them complex technologies lead to more of unproductive work or unwillingness to use that technology.

5. Training and Development

Ensure back-ups for all roles in an organization by providing proper training to them so that they can function anytime with limited resources and people. Training might take time and effort in the initial stage but will be helpful to mould the team in an efficient way.


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