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Selecting a FAO firm made easy

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Selecting a financing and accounting outsourcing firm is a muddling as a lot of question arises while doing this particular task. This article will let you know what all things to keep in mind while selecting a FAO firm for all types of businesses.

1. Fees

Accounting fees vary from one firm to another. Some accountants charge a set rate for each financial task they perform, such as filing a personal income tax form or preparing a profit and loss statement. Other firms charge by the time, and every call you make to the accountant will raise your bill.

2. Quality

The organization will need to look at the skill set of the outsourcing company and determine if they will gain access to better talent and advanced technology by outsourcing the job. The company needs to see if the outsourcing is really beneficial to them in every possible way and then take a decision.

3. Certification

The greater your accounting needs, the more you’ll benefit from a general accounting firm that employs certified public accountants.

4. Capabilities

Companies should examine the efficiency of services provided to them by any outsourcing company. The FAO firm should be able to provide the services at the same level the parent company expects it to.

5. Scalability

The capability levels of the service provider should be considered, so that when the parent company plans to outsource work, the FAO partner would be able to handle it.

6. Adherence to SLAs

Only some FAO firms truly understand the needs of the client they are catering to and provide services accordingly. In fact, many of the disagreements between the FAO firm and the client company arise because there is a misunderstanding in the requirements of the contract. Therefore, it is advisable for companies to choose an FAO partner who will work well with them and understand the need and requirements of the company. The outsourcing firm should provide the services in adherence with the Service Level Aggrement (SLAs).

7. Credibility

While outsourcing, the track record of the companies should be looked upon like their previous client records, present clients and how they have worked with them.


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