Human Capital Consulting

In the current changing economic environment the companies very often face the need to review and improve the business processes and their management and administration practices. Companies often overlook the need to align key HR policies and practices when trying to embed new ways of working. If change is to be sustained it is imperative that these policies and practices are aligned to and are supportive of the new ways of working.

Our HR Advisory services are aimed at maximising the effectiveness of the HR function of the companies. We assist companies to improve their HR management systems and practices and ensure consistency with the company’s needs, as well as with the leading international practices.

We help our clients to :

  • Align HR with business strategy
  • Enhance HR process efficacy by deploying Best Practices
  • Evaluate and implement technology to institutionalize and simplify HR processes
  • Hire and retain the best talent
  • Identify skill gap by Human Capability Assessment
  • Improve productivity through effective Performance Management Systems
  • Attract and retain key talent by developing appropriate reward systems
  • Determine compensation of critical staff using our ‘Position Specific Salary Benchmarking’
  • Improve efficiency by organizational restructuring
  • Develop/ design HR policies